Building a new home in Surrey doesn’t have to be complicated. At MLS Homes, we understand that a successful project requires more than just architectural drawings. That’s why we offer a comprehensive pre-construction package designed to provide a clear roadmap for bringing your project to life.

Man with detailed plan shows to couple the process of constructing Man with detailed plan shows to couple the process of constructing a new home in surrey

Comprehensive Pre-Construction Package for New Home in Surrey

Our package includes architectural designs, structural calculations and drawings, building regulations specifications and a detailed project blueprint. This thorough approach ensures continuity from the initial concept to the structural integrity of your new home in Surrey, all while complying with statutory building regulations.

We leave nothing to chance or interpretation. Our pre-construction package covers every aspect of your project, from flooring choices to light fittings and plumbing points. By providing explicit details, we eliminate any ambiguity and ensure your vision is accurately translated into a tangible plan.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At MLS Homes, we are dedicated to reducing our environmental impact. Our sustainability efforts focus on carbon management, resource and energy efficiency, pollution prevention and legal compliance.

Carbon Management

Effective carbon management is crucial in construction practices. At MLS, we implement measures to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes using low-emission vehicles and equipment, optimising transport routes and minimising waste. We also use sustainable materials whenever possible, such as recycled aggregates and sustainable timber.

Resource and Energy Efficiency

We recognise the importance of resource and energy efficiency in sustainable construction. We aim to reduce our energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment and implementing energy-saving measures in our offices and yards. Promoting sustainable practices among our staff is also a key part of our strategy.

Pollution Prevention

Pollution prevention is a priority at MLS Homes. We take measures to minimise our environmental impact, such as using spill kits on our vehicles and equipment, properly disposing of waste materials and using sustainable cleaning products. Educating our staff on pollution prevention and regularly reviewing our practices ensures we meet our environmental goals.

Environmental Training

Ensuring sustainability is paramount, especially with a new home in Surrey. Our commitment to environmental training remains steadfast. We continually train our staff on crucial environmental issues and best practices, such as pollution prevention, waste management, and resource efficiency. This ensures that our team possesses the necessary knowledge and skills to minimise our environmental footprint effectively.

Legal Compliance

We are committed to complying with all relevant legislation and regulations related to environmental management. Legal procedures are in place to ensure we operate in a manner that protects our world. We regularly review our practices and procedures to ensure we meet our legal obligations and minimise our impact on the environment.

Health and Safety

When constructing a new home in Surrey, we make sure that prioritising the health and safety of our staff, clients, and the general public is our top concern. We enforce strict health and safety measures on all projects and provide our staff with regular training on best practices in health and safety.

Environmental Accreditation (UK)

One way we ensure sustainable operation is by acquiring environmental accreditation. MLS is currently working towards CHAS accreditation. This demonstrates our commitment to sustainable construction and our dedication to continually improving our environmental performance. CHAS helps contractors and clients ensure supply chain compliance, mitigate risks and support efficient supply chain management.

Cost Savings

Sustainable construction also leads to long-term cost savings. Incorporating energy-efficient designs and materials can reduce energy bills and lower maintenance costs for your new home in Surrey. This can help companies remain competitive in the market.

Take the Next Step with MLS Homes

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