We are a team of new home builders in Surrey who are committed to presenting a fresh perspective in the homebuilding industry. Our approach is focused on craftsmanship and a profound regard for the environment. We aim to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into every project we undertake, with the ultimate objective of creating a more sustainable future for everyone. Our commitment to preserving the environment has earned us a reputation as great contractors in the region.

Developing a Well-Defined Goal in Mind

At MLS Homes, we deeply believe in sustainability, which is an essential aspect of our business philosophy. Our goal is to have a lasting positive effect that goes beyond the homes we build. We are committed to protecting the environment and lessening our environmental impact with every project we undertake. This pledge is an integral part of our company’s values.

Two new home builders in Surrey discussing the project

Opulence that is eco-friendly

Picture yourself living in a home that seamlessly combines elegance with ecological consciousness. Our homes are built using materials selected with great care to honour and safeguard the natural world, providing you with a profound sense of serenity that accompanies mindful living. These abodes are crafted to elicit emotions of happiness, affection and cherished memories that will endure for a lifetime. Not just aesthetically pleasing structures, they serve as an ideal backdrop for creating unforgettable moments.

Exploring a New Definition of Sustainable Living

At MLS Homes, we take pride in building high-quality, luxurious homes that prioritise sustainability and comfort. Our team of new home builders in Surrey is dedicated to creating healthy living environments that are energy efficient. In our designs, we prioritise a sustainable future and utilise modern solutions such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems.

Building a new home with MLS

Pre-construction packages that cover all aspects

At MLS Homes, we firmly believe that meticulous planning and a focus on minutiae are the bedrock of any triumphant building endeavour. That is why our new home builders in Surrey provide all-encompassing pre-construction packages that surpass the conventional norm.

Our package comprises not only the fundamental architectural drawings but also structural calculations, building regulation specifications and a comprehensive project blueprint. From selecting the flooring to determining plumbing points, we guarantee crystal clear clarity on every aspect and maintain impeccable communication and transparency throughout the entire process.

Experience Seamless Progress with Our Trusted New Home Builders in Surrey

At MLS Homes, we recognise the significance of a smooth transition from the concept phase to the actual construction of your dream abode. By doing this it will result in a seamless and worry-free building process, ensuring that your vision is transformed into a concrete plan with accuracy and precision. By collaborating with our new home builders in Surrey, you can confidently embark on your building project with peace of mind.

Efficient Management of Projects

At MLS Homes, we understand that every homeowner has unique preferences when it comes to home construction. That’s why we provide a range of options to cater to your specific needs, whether you prefer to be highly involved in the process or prefer a more hands-off approach. As your primary contractor, we are fully responsible for managing costs and ensuring your project is completed to your satisfaction.


If you prefer a less involved role in the home building process, we can still assist you by connecting you with reliable contractors and helping you through the bidding process. This guarantees that all bids meet your standards, leading to excellent results that surpass your expectations. Additionally, our new home builders in Surrey get full support throughout their construction journey to ensure a smooth and satisfactory experience.

Build your dream home with MLS Homes

At MLS Homes, we can help you create an eco-friendly and elegant living space that reflects your vision. As new home builders in Surrey, we are devoted to preserving the environment while bringing your dream home to life. Contact us today at 01293 225853 or info@mlscontractors.co.uk to get started on your sustainable home journey.