As one of the leading builders in Surrey and Sussex, we stand out in the vibrant community of Surrey and Sussex as a team dedicated to redefining the concept of homebuilding. With a passion for craftsmanship and a deep commitment to our planet, we strive to incorporate eco-consciousness into every aspect of our work. Our mission is not only to construct structures but also to create a sustainable future for all. We are proud to be recognised as a builder propelled by a profound sensitivity to environmental caretaking.

Building with Purpose

At MLS Homes, we firmly believe in sustainability and consider it to be the core element of our business values. We aim to provide a long lasting impact that goes beyond the boundaries of the homes we build. We are committed to protecting the environment and it is an integral part of our company’s foundation to reduce our ecological impact with every project that we take on.

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Green Luxury

Our homes are a perfect blend of elegance and environmental awareness. Picture yourself surrounded by ethically sourced materials that have been carefully selected to respect and honour the natural world. Our homes are designed to evoke emotions that carry dreams, love and precious memories. They go beyond aesthetics and are built to be the perfect vessels for your cherished moments.

Sustainable Living Redefined

At MLS Homes, our builders in Surrey and Sussex take pride in our ability to merge luxury, comfort and sustainability in every project we undertake. Our homes are designed with utmost care to ensure maximum energy efficiency and a healthy living environment. We incorporate innovative solutions such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting systems to achieve our goal for a greener future.

The MLS New Build Process

Comprehensive Pre-Construction Packages

At MLS Homes, we understand that the key to a successful building project lies in careful planning and meticulous attention to detail. That’s why we offer comprehensive pre-construction packages that go beyond the standard offerings. Our package includes not only basic architectural drawings but also structural calculations, building regulations specifications and a detailed project blueprint. With clarity on every aspect, from flooring choices to plumbing points, our builders in Surrey and Sussex ensure seamless communication and transparency throughout the whole process.

Assured Continuity with our Builders in Surrey and Sussex

Our pre-construction package is specifically designed to provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that there is continuity between the initial concept and the structural integrity of your home. We consolidate architectural designs with detailed specifications, thereby eliminating any uncertainty and allowing your vision to be translated into a tangible plan with precision and accuracy. With MLS Homes builders in Surrey and Sussex can embark on your building project with confidence.

Efficient Project Management

Whether you like to be closely involved or prefer us to handle everything, MLS Homes has options that fit your preferences. As the main contractor, we take charge of managing costs and ensuring your project is completed successfully. We carefully assemble the most qualified construction team and meticulously plan every aspect of the budget, guaranteeing a seamless process from beginning to end.

Alternatively, if you’d rather take a more hands-off approach, we’re here to assist you in connecting with trusted building contractors and navigating the tendering process. This ensures that each bid meets your requirements, resulting in exceptional outcomes surpassing your expectations. Our builders in Surrey and Sussex are also provided with comprehensive support throughout their entire construction journey.

Ready to Build Your Dream Home with MLS Homes?

Contact us today at 01293 225853 or via email at to begin your journey toward a sustainable, elegant and eco-conscious living space. As builders in Surrey and Sussex, we’re here to bring your vision to life while also honouring our planet. Reach out now and let MLS Homes turn your dreams into reality.